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UPDATE:I took my own advice and attended this program. My old tech geek buddy John Flucke was there as a presenter and was great as usual. The more I learn about CBCT and 3D dentistry the more impressed I become. It is without doubt the future of dentistry and you know the future is coming…and all that. 🙂

It is not enough just to get some basic technology. The true value of high tech both for the dentist and the patient comes when we go beyond the basics and get the training needed to make our new technology really valuable.

Larry’s biggest high tech mistake #2 is not getting enough training.

iCat is offering two days of live training July 29-30 in Anaheim. In my experience a live demonstration is a much better way to learn and understand a new technology than a simple lecture or a written article. Friday will focus on ortho and Saturday on implants. For more information follow the link below.

A one day workshop, lectures and demonstrations of real 3-D imaging applications in dentistry An excellent education opportunity on how to optimize your treatment using 3-D imaging

via Live Events.

Update: This is a great way to see the technology in action if you are shoppping for a CBCT.

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