A Really Smart Guy

I just spent several hours with Dale Miles at my office with my co-consultant Laci. Dale wrote the book (in fact several of them) on digital radiography. He showed us a number of tips on sensor placement. The most important element seems to be the holder and aiming device. Dale recommends Rinn holders and I agree. There have been several attempts to make cheap or copy cat holders and they are for the most part miserable.


Another basic that is often missed; place the sensor away from the tooth. There is no need to lay it right up next to the tooth. On the upper the sensor needs to be in the middle of the palate where there is the most room.

We will be providing break-out sessions for staff on sensor placement at out next Hands on Tech seminar Oct 28–29.

The other important element we discussed was image processing, That is, how to use software tools to enhance the image for diagnosis. This is a BIG topic. So far the software developers have provided us a lot of tools but there has been limited work in determining which tools are best for actual diagnostics. In the future we should be able to designate an area of interest, such as an interproximal or periapical area, and then with a single click optimize that image for diagnosis.

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