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All on Four Live Surgery Course

allonfourThe absolute best way to learn a new clinical procedure is a live patient hands-on clinical course.

Remarkable new technology has little value in and of itself. The true value comes when we can use technology to improve the treatment we provide our patients. Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is a great example. The 3D images are amazing but unless you can translate those images to improved clinical outcomes they are just amazing images.

There is no question that CBCT has transformed implant dentistry including one of the newest implant techniques “All on Four”. Chris Winterholler (full disclosure I work with Chris in his modern, high tech office) offers limited attendance live patient All on Four classes at his office in Scottsdale AZ. The next course is scheduled for September 19-20, 2013, and only a few places remain available.

You can get details here. or call 480-767-4800

I attended this course recently and learned a great deal. One of the most critical things I learned is that all on four is a well documented scientifically based procedure. Like many dentists I was highly skeptical of  “teeth in a day” and only four implants. I thought it bordered on fraud. Now that I understand the procedure I realize how wrong I was.

The intimate setting in Chris’s office with a few dedicated colleagues makes for a tremendous learning experience.

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