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Anatomage Cosmetic CBCT

The newest from Doug Chenin at Anatomage:

The next generation of CBCT technology just released last week, its called _*Cosmetic CBCT*_, we can fuse digital models and intra-oral photography to CBCT scans now. This allows for 3D implant treatment planning with aesthetic considerations, rather than just implant planning in hard tissues. It also provides the ability to do virtual wax-ups of the restorations, along with abutment and implant planning. Because the gingival data is also a part of the data set now, soft tissue virtual surgery such as gingival grafts can also be preformed. This is a break through for CBCT based computer guided surgery and treatment planning, presenting the most complete picture of the Virtual Patient, and is the next generation of 3D dental imaging.

You need to see the images below, click for full size…amazing!

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