Another Radiography Myth

I have learned a lot of interesting and rather obscure facts from Doug Yoon. He is the founder and chief scientific mind behind XDR Radiography. However one of Doug’s most irritating “Digital Radiography Myths” is also one of the simplest to understand.

Myth: Salesman says. “Our sensor is 100% active you will get an image that is the same size as the sensor.

Reality: No way. Even with a fully active sensor the fact is the chip, which captures the x-ray image is encased by a plastic exterior that has a significant thickness. Usually between 2-3mm. The active receptor surface does not extend to the edge of the sensor.

It is really the same situation as with old fashioned paper film packet. The active receptor surface, the film, did not extend to the edge of the paper but was a bit smaller than the paper film packet. This one is really rather obvious, as Doug says, “You can’t violate the laws of physics.”

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