Aribex NOMAD Portable X-Ray

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True Portability
Unlike other “portable” x-ray instruments, the battery powered NOMAD™ offers true portability with cordless operation and freedom from line voltage fluctuation. With more than 100 exposures on one battery charge and a weight of under 4 kg, NOMAD™ is optimal for remote use and confined spaces as well as operatory functions.

Operator Protection
The external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding protect the operator from radiation exposure.

Constant Potential Performance
The high-frequency, constant potential x-ray generator provides constant radiation output. This improves image quality while reducing the skin dose to the patient relative to traditional half-wave (AC) generators.

Ease of Operation
The lightweight NOMAD™ is designed for simple operation. The only operator input needed is the exposure time, which is entered on the user-friendly digital control panel. NOMAD™ is compatible with both traditional x-ray film and digital sensors, making it easy for you and easy for the patient.

More Convenience – Less Cost
Because the NOMAD™ Cordless Handheld X-ray System is completely portable, just one can replace multiple wall-mounted x-ray sources.

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