Avoid Frustration with Digital Radiography

One of the most common mistakes dentists make is to jump ahead with digital radiography without first establishing an infrastructure of a computer network with a server and workstations in the treatment rooms. It is like trying to use a high speed air turbine handpiece without an air compressor and air lines running to each room.

Even when they have computers already installed some dentists are frustrated because the computers are too old or lack the power to run the radiography system efficiently. Ideally your computers should be less than three years old. Also check to be sure they have the minimum requirements specified by the vendor. Usually that means a newer fast processor and lots of RAM memory. (1GB or more)

The treatment room monitor will be serving the same function as your x-ray view box did in the past. For that reason the dentist needs to be able to easily view the monitor from chairside in operating position.

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