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dvd-2I am a huge fan of CBCT (Cone Beam CT). The diagnostic information and the ability to preplan surgery, avoid complications and find hidden pathology is amazing. However there are two major problems:

  1. Most dentists were never taught how to read a CBCT. We are great with bite wings but CBCT has so much more information. We need training and experience to know what we are looking at and to know if what we are seeing is normal or pathological.
  2. Reading a CBCT does not start by holding it up to the light. In fact it starts with software. In order to use the system well the dentists needs to understand the software. Which icon does what and why?

Obviously we need training. Douglas Chenin from “Clinically Correct” is offering a new six and a half hour training DVD series linked below.

This powerful DVD Training Series gives you the convenience of learning at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can review the material as often as you need, to enhance your proficiency, speed, and productivity.

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