Clear Scan 3D Cone Beam CT

Imagine a volumetric 3 dimensional, colorized image of the region of interest – an image that shows you from various angles and on various axes precisely what is actually there.

For decades dentists have had limited choices when it came to imaging. Either use flat plane pictures or, for more complex cases, subject their patients to an expensive medical CT that really didn’t provide the optimum detail and resolution at a radiation exposure rate that was significantly higher than x-ray systems.

All of these amazing images can be produced with 75% less radiation than a medical CT – 10% less radiation than a full mouth x-ray set and in a seated, 10 second scan.


Cone Beam 3 Dimensional Imaging is now available at ClearSCAN Imaging Centers. Board certified oral radiologists will reformat the data and send you color prints or film, and you’ll always get a CD with your images included.

More Information here Clear Scan

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