Click Ray For holding Digital Sensors

by Larry Emmott on March 28, 2006

in Radiography

ClickrayClikRay™ is a totally new system developed by a dentist to take digital sensor images. It is composed of the ClikRay™ “U” Size #2, ClikRay™”01” Size #1 and ClikGuide™ ”G” cone guide ring and rod set. It was designed for maximum patient comfort and ease of use. The system is fully autoclavable and may be used for both Parallel Cone and traditional bisecting angle radiographic techniques. Contact ClikTech at 877.251.0594  or visit on the web at .


The device is unique because it allows the user to complete an entire full mouth radiographic series including bitewings with just one instrument. ClikRay™ is fully compatible with same sized standard x-ray film. ClikRay™ “U” fits most size #2 dental sensors and x-ray film, ClikRay™ “01” fits most size #1 sensors and fits both size #0 and #1 x-ray film.


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