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I recently spoke with Doug Chenin, DDS about his new venture Clinically Correct.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is absolutely amazing technology that will continue to enhance both our diagnostic efficiency and our treatment protocols in the future. It is great technology but it has one overriding issue that sits like an elephant in the room that everyone  just keeps trying to avoid. Dentists have not been trained on how to use it.

Face it, in dental school you learned how to read a bitewing. You were not taught how to evaluate a full volume 3D image of a human skull.

Not only do you need training in what you are looking at you need training in how to look at it. In other words how do you use the software to actually see the image, what views are best, how can you pre-plan an implant, what errors are most common and how do you avoid them and countless other issues.

In order to address this issue Dr. Chenin who spent the last five years as clinical director for Anatomage software has launched a new online learning program to teach dentists and key staff members how to use their CBCT software with one on one, hands on learning.

As a general rule most dental offices get an hour or two of training when they first get a CBCT machine. We forget most of what we learned in about 48 hours and then proceed to use our exceedingly expensive device at less than one third capacity.

You can just shrug and be content with getting $50,000 worth of value from your $150,000 investment or you can invest a bit more in software and training to get a whole lot more value.

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