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Cloud Based Dental Imaging Software from Curve Dental

Curve Dental is a complete online practice management system. In order to be a complete system Curve offers image management, that is the storage and manipulation of digital images such as radiographs and photos.

Curve is a software company; they do not make or sell radiography sensors or cameras. That means their software needs to integrate with sensors and cameras that are already on the market. This is called interoperability, the ability of different systems from different vendors to work together. The opposite is proprietary. That is a system that does not work with others keeps users captive in a single system.

Following is a list of the sensors that work with the Curve system:

CurveImagingDigital X-ray Sensors

Carestream 6200

Cyber Medical Imaging XDR

Gendex GXS-700

Image Works (EVA)

Kodak/Carestream RVG 6100

Planmeca ProSensor USB

QuickRay Direct USB

Schick 33

Schick CDR with HS Remote

Schick Elite with Elite Remote or HS Remote

Schick WiFi

Suni Dr. Suni Plus with USB 2000 Remote

Suni SuniRay

Suni SuniRay2

Vatech EzSensor

Vatech EzSensor P

Video Dental Concept QuickRay

via Cloud Based Dental Imaging Software from Curve Dental.

This is an impressive list and includes some of my favorites like XDR and Carestream. However there is one major player who is missing.

When I asked the people at Curve why Dexis was not on their list the answer was simple, Dexis refused to cooperate.

Dentistry is infested with closed proprietary systems in management software, radiographs and digital impressions. A closed system is great for the vendors but bad for dentists and our patients. Dental vendors will not give up their proprietary systems until dentists demand it and refuse to buy closed systems.

On the other hand companies willing to open up to interoperability should be rewarded with our business.

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