CS Adapt Image Enhancement

RVG_6200Clinicians can optimize image contrast according to their diagnostic needs or visual preferences with the CS Adapt module—the new feature that lets practitioners establish their own default settings for personalized image processing. Users can choose from either 40 pre-set image enhancement filters or define up to four their own favorite settings, resulting in a customized comfort zone for every appointment.

via Digital Intraoral Sensors | RVG 6200 | Carestream Dental.

Most software tools sold to dentists to manipulate a digital radiograph have essentially no diagnostic value. For example colorizing the image looks cool but what turns red in one image has nothing to do with what might turn red in another and the red color is not related to any tissue or pathology. But it does look cool.

On the other hand one of the major advantages of digital over film is the ability to enhance the image. Different filters, different contrasts and different brightness can best show different tissues or pathology. There is an ideal setting for bone and another ideal setting for enamel. For the most part dentist have been left to blindly fiddle with the controls looking for the best view.

The Caresteam software comes with multiple pre-sets designed to optimize for a particular condition and also lets the user set their own pre-sets.

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