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From the Dentrix website:

Web-image-MarketplaceMarketPlace is an online store for Dental Practices. Through a simple point and click interface, thousands of Dentrix Dentists throughout the country can easily and cost effectively obtain information and purchase software applications and solutions for Dentrix G5 software. To further enhance the site, MarketPlace will also have additional products available for download and purchase. Some of these products are Henry Schein Software products, service contracts and Cloud services. In the near future the store will also have hard goods, such as books, manuals and Dental related hardware. Enjoy your experience shopping in the Marketplace!

via About Dentrix Marketplace.

I have been eagerly watching the development of Dentrix Marketplace. It has been through a couple of name changes and directions however the primary idea is very sound. That is to allow software developers to create services and apps that work directly with Dentrix to improve the product or add an additional service.

Think of it as an Apple app store for Dentrix.

Right now the store is limited and I would like to see it do more but it is a great first step or maybe even a first leap in the right direction.

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