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Dentrix Smart Image is Here

From Dentrix Magazine:

Smart Image makes it easy for you to access more patient information quickly through a seamless integration without searching through separate software for a history of patient images.So, what imaging software do you use? Sopro by Acteon? Romexis by Planmeca? Sidexis 4 by Dentsply Sirona? Chances are that you may even use a combination of these tools as you capture 2D and 3D images. The good news is that the opportunity now exists for any of these vendors to integrate. We already have working integrations with several vendors, and we will be building more of these connections over the coming months. Please check out our Smart Image webpage,, to see the status of the connectors that are being built, and to learn more about Smart Image.

Source: Dentrix Smart Image is Here – Dentrix Magazine

Smart Image is NOT a new imaging software. It is a new bridge and integration tool that allows Dentrix users to bring images from various 3rd party image applications into Dentrix.

When you acquire diagnostic images, Smart Image automatically associates them with the correct CDT codes for accurate billing, and displays them in the patient chart. Now the patient’s 2D and 3D images can be accessed without leaving Dentrix.