Digital Intraoral Sensors – RVG 6200

Three anatomical image enhancement modes can be applied to acquired images, including endodontic, periodontic, and dentin-enamel junction, and a user-friendly sharpness filter with dynamic slider bar makes it easy to see contrast changes in real time. Using sharpness ranging from 0 to 6, you can choose the image contrast you prefer.

via Digital Intraoral Sensors | RVG 6200 | Carestream Dental.


All digital radiography sensors are adequate but they are not all the same.  I was an early adaptor in 1998 of the Trophy sensors, which I believed had significant advantages to some of the others. Trophy eventually became the Carestream brand. Not only was the sensor better but so was the software.

All of the sensor vendors have improved their products and the general image quality is much improved from the 1990s. One nice improvement is sensor durability. They hold up better to being twisted and dropped and can even be submerged for infection control.

Another feature I like is the software. The image enhancement tools are designed to improve diagnostics. For example the three anatomical enhancement modes mentioned above let you see either tooth, bone or soft tissue for better diagnostic efficiency. Many radiography software applications simply provide limited Photoshop like tools that may make some pretty colors but do not actually help with diagnosis.

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