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Digital Radiography Monitors

There are many myths swirling around dentistry regarding digital radiography. Sometimes it is difficult to get straight answers. However I have a great “go to” source that always gives me the straight scoop. XDR Radiography.

Whenever a dentist is dissatisfied with the quality of his/her digital radiography images and he/she automatically blames the sensor. However sometimes the problem isn’t the sensor at all it is the monitor. Here are the monitor recommendations from XDR.

  • Resolution    1024 x 768 or greater
  • Aspect Ratio  Wide Screen
  • Contrast Ratio  1000:1  (real contrast not virtual or dynamic)
  • Brightness  300 minimum (candela/sq m or NITs)
  • Dots Per Inch  96 DPI
  • Dual monitors   Yes

Wide screen and dual monitors are personal preference.

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