Digital Radiography Myths

XDRSensorMost US dentists have installed a digital x-ray system yet there are way too many myths that still persist

Myth: It will cost $40,000 for a digital x-ray system.

Fact: It is quite possible to get a digital x-ray system for $12,000 or less. A good name brand sensor will cost about $8,000 and good software around $4,000. If you want to shop price you could get a system for under $10,000.

Myth: The cord is a problem.

Fact: The cord simply needs to come out of the mouth it can’t go down the throat. If you can master a saliva ejector you can handle the cord on the sensor

Myth: I need a sensor in every room.

Fact: Most general dental offices can start quite well with just one sensor. The sensor is not only a film substitute it is also a processor substitute. If you can run your dental practice with one film processor you can run the office with one sensor. Multiple doctor offices or offices with lots of pediatric patients may need a second sensor.

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