Digital Radiography Myths


Myth: The thinnest sensors are the most comfortable.

  • Fact: This seems to make sense but on examination it is just silly. With this logic pressing a knife blade into your hand would be more comfortable than pressing a pencil. After all, the knife is thinner. Within the range of all sensors on the market, that is 2-4mm thick, the patient acceptance is the same.


Myth: The cord is a problem.


  • Fact: The cord simply needs to come out of the mouth it can’t go down the throat. If you can master a saliva ejector you can handle the cord on the sensor.

Myth: It will cost $40,000 for a digital x-ray system.


  • Fact: It is quite possible to get a digital x-ray system for $12,000 or less. A good name brand sensor will cost about $8,000 and good software around $4,000. If you want to shop price you could get a system for under $10,000.

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