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Digital Radiography ROI

The number one reason dentists resist investing in a digital radiography system is the expense. The link below is to a calculator you can use to determine the ROI on digital radiography.

DEXIS: Digital X-ray for Dental Practitioners.

Contrary to many dentists beliefs digital radiography is considerably less expensive than old fashioned chemical film radiography.

For example, I talk with many dentists who believe the cost to get started with digital radiography is at least $40,000. That is nowhere near the true cost which is closer to $10,000 to $12,000 for a sensor and software.

Compare that to a film processor which has a cost of $8,000 which is about the cost of a sensor; plus the expense of building and setting up a dark room. The fact is the initial cost of a film system or a digital system is almost the same.

However the real savings is in ongoing expense. Various studies show the cost of a single film radiograph to be between 60 cents to as much as a dollar each. (Film, mounts, chemicals, disposal and time) On the other hand the incremental cost of a digital radiograph is almost nothing.


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