Digital Radiography Training

by Larry Emmott on May 10, 2016

in Radiography

train3There are three separate areas that will require training for the doctor and staff in order to use digital radiography well. These are:

  1. General use of the software. This would include how to open it, how to find a patient, how to find a specific radiograph and how to copy or print the images.
  2. How to take a radiograph. This would include setting up the software and the sensor to take an image, positioning the sensor, setting up and positioning the X-Ray unit, then capturing and saving the image to the proper patient record.
  3. How to process and enhance an image. This would include using the various tools to find an image and then to optimize it for diagnosis.

Each person in the office should have a good understanding of the entire system. However each person will have a special area he/she needs to master.

Dentist: The dentist needs to be able to launch the software, find a patient record and take a radiograph if needed. However the doctor’s primary duty is to examine the image and make a diagnosis. For that reason the dentist needs to understand the enhancement tools and learn which tools will help with diagnosis.

Assistant: The dental assistant needs to be able to launch the software, find a patient record, find the proper radiograph for the procedure and then display it for the dentist to refer to during treatment. The assistant will also need to know how to set up and take an image.

Hygienist: The dental hygienist takes most of the radiographs in a typical office. He/she will need to know how to launch the software and find a patient record. But beyond that he/she will need to know how to quickly and accurately take an image. If  there are problems he/she will need to know how to correct the problems in order to get a proper diagnostic image.

Administrator: The front desk person does not need to know the clinical procedures of capturing and diagnosing an image. However the administrator will need to know how to find the proper image and copy or transmit it to another party such as an insurance carrier a dental specialist or even to the patient.

For more help with Digital Radiography look here and here.

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