Digital Upgrade for Fun and Profit

pan8500filmThe most obvious addition to a basic digital radiography system is a digital panoramic x-ray machine. A panoramic radiograph provides diagnostic information that is simply not possible with periapicals (PA). With a panoramic image you will provide better treatment for your patients; that’s what is most important. However as an added bonus the machine will quickly pay for itself and provide exceptional ROI

As a general rule you will be taking a pano on all new patients and once every five years on existing patients. Here is the math:

Total active patients 2000 – 1/5 will need a pano each year – 1/5 of 2000 = 400

Six new patients a month for 12 months = 72

Average digital pano fee = $85

472 x $85 = $49,120

Panoramic x-ray machines provide such great diagnostics and financial return every dentist should have one. In fact they are such a good choice dentists who may be uncertain about “going digital” should consider getting a digital panoramic immediately, even before going with sensors.

The above is from the EOT Guide to Digital Radiography

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