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E4D Compass™

The first really cool thing I found at the 3D Congress is E4D Compass.

E4D Compass imports data from the leading cone beam systems … and aligns the data with scans of the operative field via an E4D Dentist Scan of hard and soft tissues, models or impressions.

via E4DSky – Dentistry’s Destination – E4D Compass™.

The software is very easy to use; it stitches together a 3D sub gingival hard tissue CBCT with a 3D dental image from the E4D scanner. The operator can then use the combined image for restorative treatment planning that includes both the bone and the teeth.

The best example is implant placement. The user can place a virtual crown in an edentulous space then position the implant to perfectly support the crown and conform to the boney structures underneath.

As we use the software I imagine more creative and advanced uses will follow. E4D Compass is available through Henry Schein.

Update: This relates to the previous post on Augmented Reality. At this time Augmented Reality is experimental and very much a technology of the future. However E4D Compass is a very big step in that direction.

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