Guide to Digital Radiography

by Larry Emmott on June 9, 2016

in Radiography

What is your excuse?

Digital Radiography is no longer new; it has been on the market for close to thirty years. If you are not using it you probably have a convincing personal excuse. On the other hand you could compare film x-ray users to a dentist still using a belt driven handpiece in 1995, thirty years after the air turbine was invented.

There is no longer any excuse. Make 2016 the year you lower your patient’s exposure to radiation, improve diagnostic efficiency and reduce the cost of taking radiographs. If you are still wondering what to get and are concerned about costs check out my comprehensive technology guide, “Digital Radiography”

The “Digital Radiography” guide exposes nine myths about digital radiography and it will answer the basic question…Why bother? It then provides step by step help choosing and then setting up digital x-rays.

You will learn about; the five part imaging chain, the sensor wars, image enhancement and much more. And what will come as a complete shock to most dentists… there is even a budget and financial analysis that shows how digital radiography is actually cheaper than film.

“Digital Radiography” will answer all your questions, provide a plan and show you how to save money… all delivered in a fun and easy to understand style.


Digital Radiography.

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