Hand Held is Better

by Larry Emmott on February 7, 2011

in Office Design,Radiography

Nomad is a hand-held x-ray device. Because it easily moves from treatment room to treatment room, one Nomad can take the place of several conventional wall-mounted x-ray units in a typical dental office , saving dentists money when building or remodeling an office.

Hand-heldĀ also allow x-rays to be taken without moving the patient, so that patients in wheelchairs, for example, do not have to be moved to the dental chair. Bed-ridden patients with dental issues can now have care on a level that was previously not possible. Sedated patients in oral surgery now can be x-rayed without being repositioned. Most hospital or surgi-centerĀ operating rooms do not have wall-mounted x-rays, but now x-rays can be taken during procedures without moving the patient.

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