Hand Held X-Ray

I have been hearing about this for years. My friend Dale Miles started work on this concept almost twenty years ago. Now a true hand held x-ray unit is here. Well it isn’t really here it is in Korea. A company named Osstem (linked here) has working models they showed at the Greater New York meeting. The product is not available for US distribution, in fact the English version of the company web page doesn’t even have it listed.Dx3000

There are two models, the DX3000 shown here which is an x-ray generator only and the ADX4000 which includes a corded EV2 sensor and an LCD screen for immediate viewing. The quoted price was $15,000. Both units, particularly the 4000 seemed a little heavy (1.8kg) for practical use.

Anyway it is an amazing product that we may see in our offices in the near future.

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