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Handheld and Portable X-ray – Aribex, Inc.

The new nomad design is smaller and lighter than the original. This will be great for use out of the office. Just bring a laptop and a sensor and you can take an x-ray anywhere.

NomadproOne NOMAD Pro does the work of multiple conventional X-ray systems, making it extremely economical. The leading technology of NOMAD Pro provides the highest level of safety, quality, and patient care for your dental practice.

• Entire unit weighs just over five pounds
• Handheld and portable design moves from room to room, eliminating the need for multiple units
• Perfect for use with children and special needs patients
• Ideal for clinical, hospital, home-health, nursing home, and out-of-office use
• Includes a one-year product warranty

Handheld and Portable X-ray – Aribex, Inc..