How can a “Hand Held” X-Ray be Safe?

by Larry Emmott on November 4, 2010

in Diagnostics,Radiography

I am a big fan of the Nomad handheld x-ray. Unlike the old-fashioned wall-mounted x-ray systems that dentists have traditionally used, Nomad looks like a futuristic “ray gun” that is handheld, cordless, and can go anywhere.

No matter how cool the concept is, for most of us it seems like it would be dangerous. We have all had safety protocols drilled into our heads such as lead-lined walls, lead vests for both operator and patient, the operator leaving the room, special dosimetry  badges and so forth. Nomad changed this paradigm by developing unique and proprietary shielding for the x-ray tube so that the radiation only goes towards the targeted area. In addition, an external backscatter shield was developed to protect the operator from radiation reflected from the patient during the procedure.

This makes the Nomad safe enough to be held in the hand and used right next to the patient without becoming a danger to the operator. Nomad x-rays can be taken virtually anywhere, in or out of the office. (Bumped with new photo)

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