Intelligent Positioning System

 It doesn’t matter how sophisticated the sensor is – or how powerful your image software is – the fact is that if you don’t position the sensor and align the tube head properly you will get a lousy radiograph.

For the most part we are still using the aiming system used by America’s most famous dentist…Doc Holiday. Now old Doc wasn’t aiming an x-ray tube he was aiming a Colt 45 but the concept is the same. Back in Tombstone Doc Holiday just lined it up as best he could and pulled the trigger.

With old analog film, mechanical holders like the Rinn are the top of the line best way to assure good alignment and reduce cone cuts, missed root tips and all the rest. And they work fairly well, but it still amounts to lining it up and pulling the trigger. Now however we are in the digital age. There are better ways to aim an x-ray.

Today we have laser sights, radar guided missiles and “smart” bombs that actually aim themselves and essentially never miss. Kodak – Carestream has introduced a digital position system called IPS,( which stands for Intelligent Positioning System) which helps you line up the tube head and the sensor perfectly. Follow the link below for the details.


By the way, despite his well-deserved reputation as a stone cold killer Doc Holiday was a notoriously poor shot with a pistol. When he accompanied the Earp brothers to the famous shoot out at the OK corral he didn’t bring a six shooter he used a shot gun. Come to think of it that is the way some dentists aim the x-ray head. 

With our exclusive optional Intelligent Positioning System (IPS), you can accurately position the KODAK RVG 6500 Sensor and get the right shot—every time

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