Interesting Technology at the New York Meeting: Instadose

by Larry Emmott on November 28, 2010

in Management,Radiography

This is the kind of high tech digital product that I really love. It takes what was a complex, time consuming and expensive process and by applying technology makes it fast simple and inexpensive.

Instadose is a radiation monitoring device which takes the place of the old film badges. Like a film badge it clips to your clothing and records the wearer’s exposure to radiation. However unlike the old film badges you do not need to mail it in, wait for it to be processed and then eventually – weeks later – receive a report.

All you do it connect the USB end of the device to any web enabled computer. It launches the application, determines the dosage and records it in the staff member’s personal secure record. It does all the work, even keeping the records and it costs less than conventional radiation monitoring services.

Another advantage, the user can check any time, not just once a month. That means Sally the seriously paranoid hygienist can check her exposure every day if she is so inclined.

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