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Kodak Dental Systems

A few weeks ago Kodak announced they were considering alternatives for their Health Group, which includes the dental systems. The press release is here:

What most analysts feel is that the announcement means that the group is for sale. The reaction of many people has been anxiety and uncertainty. That is understandable whenever there is a change like this and the future is uncertain it is frightening.

I have been a strong advocate for the Kodak products for years going back to Trophy and to a lesser extent Practice Works. I believe the underlying value of these systems is still present. I do not believe that the sale of the businesses by Kodak means they are in danger of failing. In fact they show very strong revenue (2.7 billion in 2005) which is one reason Kodak is considering selling them off. That is, the income from the sale will help improve the overall financial picture for Kodak which has been hit extremely hard by the decline of the film business.

So my advice; don’t panic and jump ship if you are a Kodak user. As a potential buyer this announcement does add another element of risk. On the other hand the quality of the products and the superior infrastructure of development, support and training that Kodak has created is still in place.

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