More on CBCT and NYT

I noted what I thought was an unfair “hit piece” targeting Cone Beam CT in the New York Times here. The article linked below is from Dr. Bicuspid (registration required). It includes several responses from vendors as well as a some valuable reader comments.

Imaging Sciences International, which was singled out more than any other vendor in the Times article, issued its own response, which reads, in part:

The New York Times today published an article about cone-beam CT technology that included a number of references to the i-CAT and Imaging Sciences. The article presents what we think is an incomplete view of cone-beam CT technology and mischaracterizes the professional relationships that Imaging Sciences has with dentists. We support the AAOMRs initiative to develop guidelines for the use of cone-beam CT based on fact and within a professional, scientific framework.”

via DrBicuspid Imaging.

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