News from New York: Schick WiFi

by Larry Emmott on December 5, 2011

in Radiography

By eliminating the need for a hardwired connection between the computer and sensor, Schick WiFi offers the ultimate in “hot swappability,” allowing clinicians to move quickly and easily between operatories without having to drag cables and computers along.

via Schick WiFi – Schick Technologies.

Schick introduced this at the ADA however I had the chance to learn a lot more about it at New York. One of the features I liked the most besides the WiFi connection is the ability to swap out the sensor. The replaceable cord feature shown here with the hard wired elite is the same system with the new WiFi. That means that is if you are a current Schick Elite user you can upgrade to the WiFi system simply by swapping out the cord.

It also extends the life of the sensor. The primary reason for failure of a corded sensor is damage to the cord. By exchanging the cord a user can possibly double or even triple the useful life of the sensor.

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