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Nomad Benefits

HandHoldingNOMADProWorking2One of my favorite products is the Nomad handheld x-ray machine. The Nomad is obviously economical and flexible but it is not so obviously a great benefit to certain patients. For example, wheelchair patients.

In the past wheelchair bound patients would either have to transfer to the dental chair, which was often very difficult or impossible, or stay in the wheelchair and we would try and take radiographs with limited success. The Nomad allows us to take radiographs anywhere not just in an overcrowded treatment room.

It is also a benefit for young and or anxious patients. The hygienist taking the image stays in the room next to the patient and she/he can reassure and calm the patient resulting in faster results with fewer retakes and happier patients.

If you are building or remodeling a dental office do not install old fashioned wall mounted X-Rays.

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