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NOMAD redefines intraoral x-rays

From Dental Products Report:

Q: Talk about how NOMAD is changing the way dentists are taking intraoral X-rays.

A: The reality is, intraoral X-ray really hasn’t changed much in decades. The NOMAD brought about the first true change in the way dental professionals take X-rays. How many homes do you walk into and see a corded phone on the wall anymore? The same holds true in the dental practice.

Why hang a wall-mounted X-ray? Times have changed. NOMAD delivers benefits that wall mounts can’t. With close to 14,000 NOMADs in use worldwide, dental practices are finding the NOMAD is offering them the best workflow design, most flexibility, and best investment possible. No more arm drift or pass-throughs— this is the modern way to take X-rays efficiently.

via NOMAD redefines intraoral x-rays | Dental Products Report.

An interesting Q&A with Mike Heyn regarding Nomad one of my favorite products.

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