Hardware Paperless Radiography

Photo Scanner for X-Rays


High-quality scans for prints and film. LED light source eliminates warm-up time.

A good inexpensive ($150) scanner for film x-rays. It has a transparency adaptor and can do a full set of bitewings in a single scan. May not be adequate for a panoramic film. PC Magazine Review here:,2817,2213394,00.asp

2 replies on “Photo Scanner for X-Rays”

I never used a scanner to scan a xray so far (w dont have one in the practice). however i got decent results putting the xray on the viewer, darkening the room and taking a picture with my dslr + macrolens.

The camera and viewer methods works fine, it is just a lot more time consuming and requires the time of the clinical staff. A scanner at the desk can be more efficient.

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