Printing X-Rays

by Larry Emmott on January 21, 2014

in Radiography

The secret to printing digital x-rays can be found in an old Nike ad. Just don’t do it!

There is rarely a good reason to make a physical hard copy. After all, one of the primary benefits is that the image is digital. Remember the benefits of digital; the data can be stored transmitted and enhanced with a computer. Once it is printed you lose all that.

You do not need to print it for the chart it is stored as an electronic record.

You do not need to print it for someone else; it is quite easy to transmit the digital image to anyone with a computer. It could be send via Internet or copied to removable media. The recipient does not need fancy dental radiography software; they can then view the image with basic image display software. On the other hand, if the recipient has radiography software they may import the image.

You do not need to print it for diagnosis; in fact diagnosis from a hard copy is extremely limited compared to an enhanced digital image.

If you insist on printing out an image you can do it with a standard inkjet or laser printer. You can use plain paper and the print will cost about a dime. The images will be adequate but not great. If for some mad irrational reason you want a high quality photo-like print you can use any of the photo printers available with high gloss photo quality paper. These prints will cost about a dollar.

Learn more about digital x-rays.

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DMDrep August 27, 2010 at 5:03 pm

Great advice, the number one reason many of my last few docs won’t go digital – they are judging the quality of the xray on prints they received from another office…can you imagine!

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