Pro Vecta S-Pan

ProVectaSPan00My friend Dr. Dale Miles (who knows a whole lot moreĀ about digital imaging than I do) really likes this new pan.

From a single exposure, only S-Pan acquires 20 layers of images and slices them into 20,000 fragments. The best are selected and compiled to generate a single, exceptionally sharp panoramic image–automatically!

via Air Techniques.

The problem with dental panoramic radiographs has always been the curve and thickness of the mandible. Everybody is a bit different from everybody else, however the system has to focus the x-ray beam somewhere. In the past manufacturers have chosen averages and sometimes you get a clear diagnostics image and sometimesā€¦not so much.

The S-Pan uses digital technology to take twenty different layers then combine them as needed to get the best image. In a sense the software customizes the image trough to each person.

Check out Dr. Miles website here.

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