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Quick Scan Low Dose 3D

Imaging Sciences, the i-Cat folks, have released a new low radiation 3D scan called Quick Dose. Quick Dose can provide the user with a full 3D image with a radation dose of 27 uSv. This compares to a typical digital pan which has a dose of 24 uSv. There is always a trade off with radiation exposure and diagnostic integrity. Never the less as dental professionals we should be aware of radiation exposure and limit the dose we expose our patients to whenever possible.

Imaging Sciences International is pleased to offer Quick Scan, the lowest available dose 3D scan of the full dentition. Quick Scan is one of many proprietary tools that allow general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other specialists to maximize the clinical information they need while maintaining the ability to control radiation exposure to the patient

via Imaging Sciences.

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