Radiography Myths Part Two

Myth: The price will be coming down soon.

  • Fact: Prices have been going up. The economies of scale which have driven down the price of many high tech products simply do not apply to digital x-rays. There is no general consumer demand outside of dentistry. The market is limited, and the cost of development, service and support is very high.

Myth: The staff won’t like it.

  • Fact: 80,000 plus dental offices are successfully using digital radiography. If the staff doesn’t like it, the problem may be the staff not the system. Most staff resistance problems are really training problems.

Myth: I need a sensor in every room.

  • Fact: Most general dental offices can start quite well with just one sensor. The sensor is not only a film substitute it is also a processor substitute. If you can run your dental practice with one film processor you can run the office with one sensor. Multiple doctor offices or offices with lots of pediatric patients may need a second sensor.

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