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Ready! Fire! Aim! Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Install Digital Radiography

Sally says…Do it now. Read the whole article here: Tips: Ready! Fire! Aim! for a complete outline of why it makSallyMckes sense financially to go with a digital system.

Sally McKenzie, CEO
The McKenzie Company

As I hope the title of this article indicates, I’m actually advocating that you follow a practice that is reputed to have been common in the Old West. I’m recommending that you “shoot first and ask questions later.” This might not be what you’d expect to hear from a business consultant, but the financial benefits of installing digital radiography are so great that you simply can’t afford to wait.
Installing digital radiography in your practice is so important that, even if you make a mistake initially, the benefits will far outweigh any mistakes you might make by choosing the wrong vendor. What’s more, if you discover that you’re not totally happy with the system you’ve purchased, you can generally opt out of your purchase and choose a vendor with a better product.
Make no mistake: I’m not quite telling you to just go out there and buy the first digital radiography system that’s demonstrated in your office. There’s no substitute for doing your homework. What I am saying, though, is, “Get out there and buy a digital radiography system for your practice now.”

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