ROI Digital Panoramic

The newest digital panoramic x-ray units retail for about $30,000. That’s a lot of money however when you examine the Return on Investment it is a slam dunk.

If your office has 2000 patientsTrophy Pan
And you take a pano every five years then 1/5 of 2000 = 400
And if you get just 4 new patients a month Thats 48 more
448 panoramic x-rays at $90 ea.=
$40,320   in One Year! 

Plus you eliminate the cost of film, developing chemicals and the need for a processor. If you don’t have a digital panoramic x-ray unit….why not?

My favorite is the Kodak 8000, other brands in the same price range are the Gendex, Schick and Suni.

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