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Run and hide no more

nomadFrom RDH:

Dental hygienists take most of the radiographs in a typical dental office, and experience the frustrations of taking X-rays on a daily basis. Fortunately there is an amazing new technology that eliminates many of the hassles and frustrations of taking radiographs in the traditional way. The Nomad from Aribex is a hand-held X-ray machine that allows you to stay in the room while you expose the image.

Source: Run and hide no more – Registered Dental Hygienist

Hand held x-ray machines like the Nomad are here, they are safe and they are better in almost every aspect than old fashioned wall mounted machines. The linked article outlines why they are better especially when trying to take a radiograph on a frightened patient or a small child.

Any dentist planning to re-model or build a new office needs to consider the Nomad.

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