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Taking Pictures of Your X-rays

blue-xray-300x262If you are still using x-ray film or if you have films from the past and you want to create digital versions of your films you can either scan them with a transparency adaptor or take a digital photo of the film on a light box.

Getting a good diagnostic backlit camera image can be tricky. The linked article from Dennis Braunston has some tips on how to do it.

If you are taking a picture of a single x-ray, like a bitewing, then you will need to attach the cameras special magnifying adapter or with other cameras zoom in until you frame the image . For a panorex or a full FMX then leave the adapter off. The example given is for an FMX.

via Dental Learning Centers ยป Dental Photography: Taking Pictures of Your (FMX) X-rays.

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Thank you for the great tip. We use regular point and shoot camera with xray films on lightbox. That normally works pretty good. Santa Teresa Dental has always used digital films, but when patient brings traditional x-rays in, we took pictures of it right away, import them into Dexis, then we returned the films back to patient.

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