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Taking X-rays Off the Wall

Nomad 2 hand held dental x-rayIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare from 2013

The NOMAD, a hand held x-ray unit from Aribex, looks like a big ray gun from an old sci-fi film. There is a body, a pistol grip and a cone or barrel that emits the x-rays. The operator aims the device and holds it steady while the radiograph is taken. The ability to stay in the room while you take the image and better yet hold the tube eliminates most of the problems we encounter when taking an x-ray.

If the little guy in your head is screaming, “Stay in the room! That’s nuts don’t you know x-rays are dangerous!” Of course NOMAD knows that and the device is perfectly safe, but more on that later…

Radiation safety is important, and Aribex takes it very seriously. The NOMAD is made in the USA, has FDA approval and has been studied meticulously to insure it is safe. Links to the actual studies can be found at the NOMAD website.

via Emmott On Technology: Taking X-rays Off the Wall and by the Hand |

Not only does a hand held x-Ray unit solve the problems of the fidgety patient and the drifting arm but it is also more cost effective. One Nomad can service an entire office of three or four treatment rooms. Plus there is no need for installation with dedicated power and support built into the wall.

Do not build an office, remodel or even replace an old wall mounted machine without checking out the Nomad. It even comes in two dazzling designer colors dental office white and sophisticated black.

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