Taking X-rays Off the Wall and by the Hand

by Larry Emmott on March 14, 2013

in Dentalcompare,Office Design,Radiography

HandHoldingNOMADProWorking2This week in Dentalcompare, one of my favorite products:

The NOMAD, a hand held x-ray unit from Aribex, looks like a big ray gun from an old sci-fi film. There is a body, a pistol grip and a cone or barrel that emits the x-rays. The operator aims the device and holds it steady while the radiograph is taken. The ability to stay in the room while you take the image and better yet hold the tube eliminates most of the problems we encounter when taking an x-ray.

via Emmott On Technology: Taking X-rays Off the Wall and by the Hand | Dentalcompare.com.

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