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This just in from Lorne Lavine at: The Digital Dentist

Two MAJOR Announcements from Air Techniques
Although this has been in the rumor mill for a few months, both were confirmed to me this morning by the Product Manager for Air Techniques. Both of these new products are being officially released on February 1, 2006:

1. The Scan-X will now come with automatic plate erasing. They will call the new units with this In-Line Erase. You will have the option to turn it on or off, although why you would want to do this is anyone’s guess. Of course, with this new feature comes a price increase. The new basic package for the combo unit (intraoral, pans, cephs) will be $22,000, and the intraoral only will be $13,500.

2. Air Techniques will now offer their own digital imaging software called Visix. I haven’t seen any screenshots on the software so I can’t comment on it. I’ll assume that they will still allow third parties to continue to work with their systems (to not do so would be suicide in my opinion). The Visix will work with all of their products, including the Accent sensors. The software will be $1995 for 5 licenses, and $995 for each 5-pack of additional licenses, plus $995 for training. So, realistically, for the average office we work with, you’re looking at $4000 for the software package.

Overall, I’m very excited about these new products. I know a lot of offices purchased Scan-X systems before December 31st for tax purposes. If you haven’t taken delivery yet, I’d call your rep right away to see about upgrading to the In-Line Erase, as I think it beats their plate eraser any day. The automatic bagger is still a separate unit at $995, although don’t be surprised to see that eventually become part of the base unit as well (again, just rumors for now).

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