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The World’s First Full-Color, 3D X-rays Are Freaking Me Out

But after 120+ years, x-ray imaging is getting a remarkable update with 3D, full-color images that reveal far more than just the bones inside you. These images will improve what a doctor can diagnose without cutting you open…

…smaller test versions of this scanner are already being used to study cancer, as well as bone and joint health in patients—but the technology will be useful in countless other medical fields as well, from dentistry to brain surgery.

Source: The World’s First Full-Color, 3D X-rays Are Freaking Me Out

The article is for a lay audience. The images and the basic concepts are amazing. However I am not sure how much of an improvement this is over CBCT which gives 3D images that can be colored. I guess this new method picks up actual colors. Maybe? it says it distinguishes between hard and soft tissue but so does CT or for that matter ultrasound.

Whatever, we continue to see incredible breakthroughs in diagnostics that would have been considered futuristic science fiction just a few years ago.

I believe when doctors of the future look back on our treatments including surgery and dental restorations – that always start by removing tissue – they will consider our methods barbaric. Just as we look back on past physicians who treated people with bleeding or anesthesia free amputation as barbaric.