TrollByte Rayzor Sensor Positioner


The thin holder is always in a fixed position on the sensor. You simply move the aiming device when you change image position. The arm and tab are disposable…

The thin plate of the Rayzor has five positions for an arm or a tab. The positions are fixed, and you will always use the full area of the sensor. No slipping sensor, it stays in place even if the patient bites down.

via TrollByte Rayzor for DEXIS* sensors – TrollDental.

This is a very clever holder for a digital radiograph sensor. The sensor is held firmly in place and the aiming arm can be attached in several different positions to accommodate bite –wings, vertical bite-wings, periapicals (right and left) and anteriors.

A this time it only works with Dexis sensors but others are in development.

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