What is Cone Beam CT?

From Clear Scan

ConeBeam X-ray imaging designed for head and neck applications 360 degree rotational scan around patient’s head in just 10 seconds. It provides 2D and 3D digital images from any view or angle desired

What is Cone Beam Technology?

Simply stated, ConeBeam refers to using cone-shaped X-rays to capture a volume of images (similar to multislice CT)


Benefits of Cone Beam Imaging

Cone Beam Imaging exposes patients to less radiation than common CT due to focused X-Rays. These focused X-Rays reduce the scatter that occurs with other imaging devices. In addition, the scan allows for significant reduction of metal artifacts which allows for a scan of a patient with braces. The scan is fast and comfortable for the patient. A scan is completed in 10 seconds and the patient is scanned in a normal seated position. One scan yields volumes of images that can easily be viewed and manipulated for in depth examination.

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